SILCA 40mm Threaded Valve Extenders


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Fully Threaded Valve Extenders that work with BOTH Tubeless AND Standard Removable Valve Core valve stems.  Included SpeedShield Rim protectors protect rims from valve nut damage, eliminate valve stem rattle and improve aerodynamics. 


  • High precision CNC machined Aluminum Valve Extenders with full external threads
  • Ideal valve extender for use on Carbon Rims
  • Compatible with both Tubeless AND Standard RVC valve stems
  • Less than half the weight of brass valve extenders
  • SpeedShield Improves wheel aerodynamics up to 0.5 Watts at 30mph
  • Spherical nut eliminates bending forces on valve stem for improved strength
  • Silences Valve Rattle in Deep Carbon Rims while protecting carbon rim surfaces

Recently, we've found ourselves converting nearly all of our Mtn., Road, and Gravel/Adventure wheels to tubeless.  The latest tubeless tires have finally matched and in many cases surpassed the best clincher tires in terms of rolling resistance, and they do it with superior puncture protection and ability to run low pressures. 

However, we've also found ourselves frustrated with overly stiff tapes, weak adhesion to carbon rim surfaces, heavy brass valve stems that imbalance wheels, and worst of all, overly lightweight aluminum ones that are easily broken.  While seeking a solution for all of this, the team at SILCA has completely re-thought tubeless as a system with a primary focus on optimizing components for carbon wheels.

During this process, we've developed the world's best tubeless tape for BOTH Carbon AND Aluminum rims:  Aluminum Valve Stems that perfectly balance lightweight with strength, and a rim protection system that improves valve stem sealing, eliminates rim scratches and rattling, and improves aerodynamics.

These exciting products will allow you to enter the brave new world of tubeless with increased confidence and reduced frustration.

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40mm Threaded Valve Extenders

40mm Threaded Valve Extenders

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